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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 7, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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primary day in california-- just hours after reports say hillary clinton clinches the democratic nomination. but this morning, bernie sanders primary day in california is here hours after the report hillary clinton clinched the democratic nomination. this morning bernie sanders says it is far from over. plus nationwide outrage and fury after a judge's sentencing of the former stanford swimmer convicted of sexual assault. >> what's next for a woman charged of stabbing a child during a bank robbery? i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon.
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>> we'll have a cooler day as we go into the afternoon. it is nice yesterday but started heating up. right now 60 and feels mild in the south peninsula and east bay. highs mostly in the 70s. back to 66 today. >> things are pretty light. not many concerns on the roadways. want to take you to the map. overnight construction wrapping up. we have a stall on 8800 northbound headed to the san mateo bridge. otherwise, wide-open lanes early
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this morning. >> thank you very much. decision 2016 and a turning point on primary day here in california. nbc news reporting hillary clinton hit the magic number of delegates to be considered the presumptive democratic nominee. bernie sanders is countering not so fast. history might be on hold as californians head out to the polls. despite mrs. clinton reaching enough delegate votes to be the first female presidential nominee. tracie potts has the reaction this morning. >> we are going to come out of the primary stronger to take on donald trump. >> reporter: after more than 400 public events including this concert in los angeles last night. hillary clinton is declared the presumptive democratic nominee. she tweets, we are flattered, but we've got primaries to win. california and five other states vote today.
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>> we're going to win here in california. sanders insists hundreds of superdelegates supporting clinton may change their minds if he wins california today. they don't vote until july. >> it's going to be difficult. >> pressure is mounting for donald trump to take back what he said about the judge in the trump university case. >> i'm disturbed by the way he refers to the judge. >> judge claims he is bias because his parents were mexican. >> i want him to be -- i want him to give me a fair shake. >> i don't know what he's in his heart but i know way is saying with respect to the judge. that is a racist attack. >> senator, can you fathom supporting donald trump in november? >> the primary season nearly over after today with republicans and democrats. >> president obama may endorse
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clinton as early as this week. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> thank you very much. >>. >> it is not too late to find out about the issues and the candidates. today is election day. we made it easy for you. on our home page click on the voter's edge election guide to find unbiased and indepth information. >> 4:34. outrage continues to grow after the sentencing of a stanford swimmer convicted of sexually assaulting a woman. last week the judge sentenced brock turner to six months in prison. turner could have received up to ten years. critics say the judge was too lenient. >> it's like a little blink in his life and for this woman, you know, it's a lifetime of grief. >> turner could be out on probation as soon as three months from now. a new petition calls for the judge to be removed.
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230,000 people signed that petition. >> a child is stabbed in the middle of a bank robbery and police say the 32-year-old stabbed a 12-year-old boy in the back three times while he was waiting inside a wells fargo bank. that boy is in stable condition this morning. here is video from our chopper overhead of the bank yesterday. according to witnesses, the woman also robbed another person that was making a cash deposit. police caught the woman as she tried to run away from the scene. san ramon police are hoping someone will recognize the voice of an armed robbery suspect. take a listen. >> open the cash register. open the cash register. >> that suspect, as you see, put a gun to the cashier's head and robbed the shell gas station right by 680 last thursday. a gray four-door sedan similar to a toyota corolla could have
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been involved in the robbery. 4:35. let's check the forecast. a nice cooling trend. >> yesterday was really nice. a lot of sunshine, but we still had those coastal clouds slow to clear. expect more of the same today. it is 59 degrees in concord and san francisco. 58 degrees in livermore. also at 58. here is a look at those highs this afternoon. still warm. parts of the south bay and san jose 80. redwood city 78. embarcadero 66. 79 novato. 72 in oakland. 83 in pleasanton. we'll look at what else to expect this week in a few minutes. let's head to the san mateo bridge with anthony. >> if you are using the san mateo bridge or freeway this morning, that's where we have the activity. it's coming in from the south to the north headed over toward the
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peninsula. if you are using 880 to the san mateo bridge coming from the south, that's where you are going to run into a stall on the exit ramp. if you are going south from north going 880 southbound coming over to auto mall parkway, there is an accident there. back to you. coming up next, devastation. they are down but they are not out. the sharks lost last night but they are rallying for an impressive comeback.
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there is no way to put this softly. it was a heartbreaking loss last night for the san jose sharks. >> that was cool rocking the shark tank but unfortunately, that energy wasn't enough to power the team, seal the victory. the only bright spot was this goal midway through the third period. in the end, penguins came out on top 3-1. they lead the series by the same tally.
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devoted sharks fans aren't counting their team out yet. >> this is the first time we made it this far. we are in this till the end. >> let's go! this is not the end. this is not the end. we got this. >> we won one there. everybody's happy to be playing and still an opportunity. >> keep on çgoing. next stop pittsburgh, game five this thursday night. and it's right here on nbc bay area. if the sharks lose, this series is over. that's not going to happen, right? game six at san jose sunday night. >> there will be a sellout crowd at oracle arena tomorrow night. here is a live look at oracle. even though the warriors are going to be playing in cleveland. get ready for the biggest viewing party in the bay area. tickets to the warriors' watch
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party on wednesday and friday are officially on sale now. last year a soldout crowd watched the warriors clinch the title in cleveland. it looks like that could happen for a second year in a row. so much fun. coming up, it's copa america. the biggest stars come from overseas. >> the world's most famous soccer player did not live up to the billing. i did everything i could to make her party perfect.
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4:45. we take a live look at the sparkling bay bridge. >> it looks good. our temperatures will be nice and comfortable. as you walk out the door it is 58 in san francisco. the north bay, it's 57. we do have clouds in spots, especially along the coast. we get a closer look at the north bay from our weather underground sites. 57 in novato. napa 59. a lot of clouds to start out. we'll see those clouds through most of the morning there. up to 66 at lunchtime. nice and comfortable to take that lunch outside. upper 60s today and briefly hitting 70. and we're in for changes in our pattern as high pressure continues to move away from us and allowing for thoe heat to
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drop a couple degrees every day. this area of low pressure will be north but allowing for a stronger onshore flow and dip in temperatures. the next three days we'll see low 80s for the south bay. 79 on friday with mostly sunny skies. in the peninsula, 78 into the lower 70s by the end of the week. san francisco stays in the mid 60s. 70s for the north bay as well as east bay. tri-valley seeing temperatures coming down from the mid 80s to the upper 70s. minor change in those temperatures. looking ahead to the weekend, looks like it's going to start warming up, getting hot again for the inland valleys and the north bay. 92. 73 in san francisco. also 90s for the south bay. get ready for that once again. maybe another weekend to make beach plans.
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let's head over to anthony to see how it look as you head to work. >> i want to take you to fremont. 880 north coming through the nimitz freeway. we have stuff happening 92 over toward the san mateo bridge. you are going to encounter a stall on the exit ramp there. 880 northbound at thornton, there is an accident. if you're coming in from the south bay, that's where you may encounter trouble spots coming towards the dunbarton bridge. lots of green. that means go. you can see a little bit of slowing coming from the altamont pass. looks good approaching the toll plaza. verizon right now is ramping up its bid looking for a piece of yahoo. also in the telecom industry,
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t-mobile has a new offer for customers. >> for more on that we turn to landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> good morning. wall street looks to add to monday which saw the s&p close at its highest level of the year. janet yellen says an interest rate hike is still possible. most people think the fed will hold off till this fall. look for data on productivity and labor costs and consumer credit. the dow closing 130 points to 17,920. nasdaq 4968. verizon could make a play for yahoo. they plan to make a $3 billion offer for yahoo's internet business. verizon said it's not interested in buying yahoo's other assets including real estate. yahoo is expected to hold one
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more round of biddings. >> t-mobile wants you to be interested in the company literally. its latest promotion, the wireless carrier will give one share of stock to customers with a post paid or monthly account. t-mobile is launching a t-mobile tuesday's app giving all customers weekly perks such as free food, movie tickets and ride shares through lyft. >> thank you very much. >> frustrated travelers are the subject of a homeland committee meeting this morning. they want to improve passenger screening and wait time. faa administrators expect the general will be questioned. when it comes to delays, seems bay area airports could do worse. that's the flight study. researchers found 85 u.s. commercial airports where flights are delayed an average of 15 minutes, no bay airport
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landed in the bottom 10th. sfo ranked 17 in the number of flights delayed. san jose made that list. baltimore finished the worse with 23% of flights delayed. who is the biggest sports superstar in the bay area this week? it could be steph curry or how about leonel messi? >> the argentinean soccer star was arguably the best player in the world. there was a delay in action. argentina was playing chile. the crowd went wild when they showed his face on the big screen. while many went just to see messi play, he was sidelined the entire game with a sore back. >> the reason i bought the tickets to begin with was to watch messi play. i think 90% of the people did.
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you live with that bittersweet. >> a lot of money to pay not to see messi. he and the argentinean team trade at san jose state. fans laid on the ground hoping to just catch a glimpse of him. >> they don't mind getting messy for messi. rangers search for vandaled that sprayed graffiti. >> on this primary day in california, you can find personalized ballots at f >> condition of the sale of the playboy mansion was hugh hefner has to live there until he dies. the mansion was just sold. more on the owner and price tag. high up in the grand canyon...
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vandals painted ov a rock nr park rangers have released these photos of the graffiti. t high up in the grand canyon vandals painted over a rock. park rangers released photos of this graffiti. this couple seen walking away from the rock could have done it. it's the third vandalism incident in the national park in recent months. earlier actress vanessa hudgeons paid a $1,000 fine carving into a rock. follow-up to the shooting of a gorilla at the cincinnati zoo. >> the mother of the child who fell into the exhibit will not face charges. the mother did not act in a harmful way with her child. witnesses described her being attentive with the boy who was not hurt. the staff shot and killed the gorilla after it dragged the boy around in the enclosure.
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>> new video shows more sharks spotted along the california coast forcing the closure of beaches in orange county. the sighting was come a week after a woman was bit in the water. tropical storm colin is taking aim at parts of the carolinas. in sarasota, people were seen scrambling to save their boats. a strike team joining that
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flight. they are trying to contain the coleman fire that's grown to 2300 acres. the fire's burning in a national forest. the fire began saturday and spread rapidly because strong wind gusts and hot temperatures. more than 120 homeowners have been evacuated so far. this is one of six large wildfires burning right now across the state of california. california is supposedly doing relatively well when it comes to beating the drought. water resources patrol board notes the average household uses 77,000 gallons of water per day in april compared to 104,000 gallons in april 2013. a former stanford student convicted of sexual assault but his sentence has thousands
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crying out it is nothing reassembling justice. plus weather relief. >> that temperature roller coaster still continues. it looks like it goes back up this weekend. >> east bay commuters, 880 has a couple of accidents to tell you about.
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making history... or is she. but bernie sanders ys, noto fast. hillary clinton is on the verge of making history or is she? bernie sanders says not so fast. i'm kris sanchez and why he says the race must go on. >> this caused a lot of outrage here on campus. >> growing anger and infeweration over the sentencing of a former stanford swimmer. the letter from his father further igniting a firestorm across the globe. >> a child recovering from stab wounds. a very good tuesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock.
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>> it's been up and down as far as the heat the past several days. looks like we are still on that ride with some cooler temperatures for the next couple of days. then it goes back up in time for the weekend. not bad at all as we step out the door. san francisco 58 with highs reaching the 60s in the city through 70s for the north bay, east bay and peninsula. 80 for the south bay, as well as the tri-valley. i'll have more details on what else to expect as we go through this week. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> we've been talking about a few accidents across 880. fremont. we do have accidents i want to take you to. this is 880 southbound. you are going to run into a stall.


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